It’s really simple!  The process is automated, and flexible to your schedule. You can reach out to the Hiring Team at any point, by emailing

All you’ll need to do is:

    • Learn more about the role and complete our online screening process.
    • Once hired, you will need to submit required documentation.
    • Pass a DMV and background check.
    • Submit your preferred shifts via our Driver App and get Deliv’ing!

Availability is based on current and growing demand.

In general, items from retailers and businesses including, but not limited to: clothing, flowers and gift baskets including alcohol (ID check of customer required when delivering alcohol). No shopping or money transactions required.

You will be hired into a specific driver district, and start and end your routes within that district. Deliveries are generally made within a 15 mile radius of the given pick-up location, but there can be exceptions.

Typically items are delivered to residences, hotels, and workplaces, but we go pretty much wherever the customers may be.

You will earn the rate provided in the offer letter for your district, plus a Federal Standard Mileage Rate.

You will be paid weekly via direct deposit via ADP, our payroll processing partner.

Payroll taxes will be withheld based on the data you provide on your W-4 form. Please consult a tax professional if you have any questions.

All employee drivers with Deliv California will be offered:

    • Access to medical, vision and dental health benefits + pet insurance through our partnership with Stride Health
    • Life & AD&D insurance
    • Retirement 401K savings plan
    • Flexible spending accounts for health and/or dependent care (FSA)
    • Workers compensation insurance
    • Family leave and disability benefits (where eligible by CA state and Federal laws)
    • Paid, accrued sick leave
    • Paid rest breaks
    • Market competitive hourly wages  
    • Standard federal mileage rate reimbursement
    • Reimbursable parking and toll expenses (not including tickets, citations, towing fees, etc.) while driving for Deliv CA as part of a regular route
    • Career development opportunities
    • All state and federal employee mandated insurance and benefits

Full-time driver employees will have access to all the benefits listed above, in addition to*:

    • Stock option incentives
    • Company contributions for monthly medical insurance premiums

* some benefits are offered after certain tenure milestones are reached.

Payroll taxes will be withheld based on the data you provide on your W-4 form. Please consult a tax professional if you have any questions.

Yes! This is one of the greatest benefits of flexible employment with Deliv California. 😉

We release new shifts every Tuesday evening for the following Monday – Sunday. Shifts are first come, first served, and you will generally have the freedom to pick the shifts that work best for your schedule.

You will have 24 hours after schedule release to exchange hours with others, grab more hours, and waitlist yourself for more hours. After 24 hours have passed, you are expected to service your scheduled hours or find a suitable replacement.

Over the course of the week, we will continue to upload more hours that you can grab. Those who waitlisted for the times of new hours will have first preference to those hours. If hours are unclaimed, they will be assigned.

You are required to maintain the state required minimum auto insurance.  Please make sure that you let your insurance carrier know that you will be using your vehicle for work.

Yes, joining as a driver for Deliv California will not prohibit you from working elsewhere. However, you are required to work during your committed hours and during those times, you cannot be working for any other business platform or service.

Yes, delivering in CA requires a car, 2004 or newer.

  • Android or iPhone with at least iOS 10 or Android 5.
  • Data and text plans are required.
  • Phone must remain ‘ON’ and charged in order to receive and complete delivery tasks.
  • Use and integrate your favorite navigational app!
"Deliv pays better than other delivery jobs out there."
Rick S.
San Jose, CA

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